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Here you can find products of organic and biological basis, made with all the freshness and in order to preserve its original flavor.

Our focus is to bring our customers handmade products, richer and without additives.

We seek to combine taste and health in an easy and natural way, with ingredients carefully selected for you and, above all, for those who want to guide their consumption towards a more sustainable, authentic and guilt-free life.

Local production

With a focus on the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, with our products we intend to support local producers.

Traditional Agriculture

We give priority to traditional agriculture, which contributes to soil fertility and preserves its biodiversity.

Freshness and Seasonality

We also give priority to the freshness and seasonality of raw materials. Raw materials used in making them.

Take a look at our grocery store

Our store has at your disposal several products lovingly prepared by the Wild Fine Food team.


Our Packaging

The materials used in the packaging and bagging of articles are also turned to a perspective of sustainability and in harmony with the environment, using recyclable materials, such as glass, wood, seed paper and cellulose.


Plant mint

Our labels are made from 100% cotton paper with mint seeds. Remove the label from the jars, wet, cut, place in a pot with soil, water and care.