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Who we are?


Wild Fine Foods is a Portuguese brand, born in Quinta das Barradas, a 19th century family farm located near the small village of Odiáxere, in the municipality of Lagos. A place where we seek to live in harmony with nature and breathe pure air heavy with aromas of the gardens.

A passion and respect for nature, combined with attention to detail, ensures the quality and richness of Wild Fine Foods products.

Our cultivation practices follow organic production methods; we are currently working on obtaining organic certification. Vegetables and fruits are picked when fresh and ripe, according to their season and jams and other products are made in small batches.

You won’t find any ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, colouring, food additives or preservatives in our products.

Wild, besides being our family name, also means "to live or grow in its natural environment", a concept we try to pass on to our products. In an attempt to bring the consumer closer to nature, celebrating its richness, flavours and knowledge, respecting the environment and prioritizing our health.


In addition to using what our farm has to offer, we have another great passion, chocolate!

Wild chocolate was born from our insatiable desire for something pure, made with love using only natural ingredients, prioritizing the quality of our raw ingredients, respecting nature and the cocoa producers.

Our Pastry Chef and Chocolate Maker with his vast international experience travelled to several sustainable cocoa production sites to see, smell, taste and finally choose the perfect cocoa beans for Wild chocolate.

The concept "bean to bar" is where small batches of chocolate are made controlling every step of the process, from choosing the cocoa beans to the final product of the chocolate bar.